Collaboration needs are so diverse

Collaboration is a fuzzy topic, because collaboration is one of the most critical challenges we face as an employee, an innovator, a creative, an engineer, a citizen and an individual. Every day, we encounter challenges and needs to master collaboration with our peers. Could we map them, categorize them with different types of collaboration ? Could we have a simple tool to ask ourself that simple question: what are my key needs to master collaboration ?

Introducing the Double X, and data acquired

I facilitated a first workshop at lift conference in Geneva, inviting a group of 20 amazing people to discover the Double X tool and be part of a new open research that I will drive the next 2 years all around Europe, within various conferences focusing on innovation, organization learning, culture, where change agents, practioners and academics.

Lift was the first workshop, and I’m planning several ones in Paris and London in 2016 and 2017 to succeed into my quest to use collaboration to model collaboration. We also had a vibrating -nearly sci-fi- deck for directly collect visitor inputs, with 5–10min one-to-one interviews.

Future workshops and hopefully an app

In a workshop, I invite you to share your insights on what works well for you and that helps you make a difference at work today. After sharing many different views, we walk through 4 different exercices that allow us to imagine the potential applications of the Double X and related research. All data is anonymized and will be available in open data format to generate awareness and motivate researchers and change agents to dive deeper into the reality of collaboration: it’s diverse, complex, multifaceted, contextual and as surprising as ever. Magic.

Here are the first results

What is your reaction by looking at those needs ? Are you interested to be part of the DX open research or willing to organize a workshop ?
You can contact me here

What’s in for me and my company ?

My motivation comes from a User club where our clients were reviewing together their own Knowledge Plaza networks, with the help of my Knowledge Sharing Canvas. I observed several collaboration issues and I wanted to find a fresh way to adress that. Thanks to data, I can also use these needs to analyze behaviors, values and map them on Knowledge-related building blocks.

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